Studio Loci believe passionately about enhancing our way of life through thoughtful design intervention. We believe design should promote community interaction, develop a sustainable conscious, create strong socio-economic links, encourage healthier lifestyles and implement public spaces that people can take ownership of.

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Nature plays a huge part in every aspect of our methodology when approaching new projects. The natural world inspires artistic input, forming complex, spontaneous shapes and systems that are often the seed for an eventual design concept. Guaranteeing the future health of the planet inspires our sustainable approach to design. Our aim is for greater Integration of green infrastructure in the Urban Realm in order to benefit both humans and nature.


At Studio Loci we produce cultural landmarks and spaces that are fuelled by various artistic concepts and our own individual view of world. We always promote originality when exploring the artistic interpretation of each project at conception. Our goal, to create positive emotional responses that help establish vibrant and aesthetically welcoming places to live.