The central ethos of Studio Loci is one of 'whole system' design involving the combined disciplines of landscape architecture, architecture, urban design, environmental sciences, engineering and the arts.

This holistic approach is combined with our creative interpretation of understanding a sites 'Genius Loci', 'the protective spirit of a place'. As a result we tailor our designs based on objective material of an existing site. This allows us to create functional, biologically diverse and aesthetically legible spaces that have both character and beauty, whilst never undermining existing qualities of a site.

In applying this approach we maintain 5 key principles;

Sustainability; We make sure the needs of todays society are fulfilled without compromising future generations, by taking special care when analysing environmental impacts of a proposal. The end result, placemaking that improves peoples lives as well as enhancing the natural environment.

Client Relations; We promote an active working relationship with our clients and stakeholders maintaining close communication throughout the design process all the way through to project completion. This ensures the end product is in line with the clients expectations and desires.

Collaboration; working alongside professional consultants over a variety of fields as well as the artisan community, we ensure our work is held accountable to the highest standards within our profession.

Team; The Design process is a team effort. Studio Loci encourages individual flair, cultural diversity and out of work activities to create an enjoyable team atmosphere. In turn this provides the dynamic canvas in which to bounce ideas and inspire one another fuelling the creative mind and producing a more comprehensive design package.

Progression; The Studio is ever evolving, creating a fusion of more principled design methods with new cutting edge ideas. Stemming from this desire to evolve is career progression for those within the company making sure our design team are fully motivated and offer exceptional knowledge. We therefore provide opportunity for chartership as soon as possible as well as other avenues of accreditation. Our progressional skillset and curiosity benefits the creative process.