Studio Loci's design process is integral to every proposal. We believe in a base of sound analytical information and storied conceptual imagery from which more detailed elements of the design process can flow more freely.

Genius Loci

When contracted we provide an initial program and schedule of delivery, identifying future critical events within the design process and consultancy roles. At this stage we take on our responsibilities at preliminary meetings and benchmarking precedent schemes.

During the initial visit of a project we seek an understanding of the site's 'Genius Loci' providing objective material from which to build a concept. This forms part of our qualitative analysis in order to determine design opportunities and feasibility of the project. It includes Existing Site Surveys, Visual Impact analysis, Landscape Impact Assessments, Ecological Impact Assessments and Environmental planning.


Studio Loci begin the creative process with on site workshops complimented by follow up sessions in our Studio.

Working together we manufacture an artistic vision of the development and begin to locate various project elements. Following this our concepts are usually presented to the client from which a design direction is identified.

At concept stage we also include phasing plans, preliminary phasing, establishing quantity take-offs and identifying site infrastructure.

Masterplanning / Strategic Report

Conceptual plans are refined and the design direction develops to reflect functional, aesthetic and economic requirements of a project.

The information is then coordinated into a cohesive design package. This can consist of a masterplan alongside accompanying sections, 3d models, scale models, landscape management plans and perspectives to better understand particular character areas and themes.

These visual packages are then incorporated into an overall report for agency approval, detailing strategy, concepts, zoning, code compliance and architectural themes.

Detailed Design

Following the approval of the masterplan, we establish phasing for detail design elements.

We oversee primarily the landscape design for all hard and soft elements to a project but are also equipped to detail architectural buildings and engineering design. Drawings consist of schematic design, design development and final construction documentation.


The culmination of the design process is bringing our ideas to life.

Studio Loci at this stage can act as project managers and cost control ensuring quality of build, reviewing progress, procuring value and sustainably sourced materials and appointing reputable contractors.

On completion we ensure that any management plans specified in design are successfully carried out over the longer term.