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Our philosophy has always included a deeply embedded core of ecologically responsible design. Through creating a symbiotic relationship between the natural and built environment we promote the well being of all its inhabitants both human, floral and faunal.

Studio Loci collaborate with respected ecologists enabling the creation and protection of habitats and their respective flora and fauna. Our design involvement includes professional advice on the interrelationship of ecological cycles, reversal of ecological degradation, enhancing ecological biodiversity, habitat creation and the design of hibernaculums.

A number of our schemes involving ecologically sensitive design and habitat creation include, Berkamstead, Merrow Highway and Millwall Docks

We provide the following ecological related services but are not restricted to:

  • Ecological Impact Assessments
  • Hibernaculum design
  • Consultancy for habitat creation
  • Habitat enhancement and management
  • Pond and Lake design
  • Urban tree design
  • SUDS/Bioretention design
  • Soil Management
  • Wildlife Exclusion