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Studio Loci provide visionary masterplans, manufacturing our proposals around not only existing human and built systems but the direct connection they have with the environment, aspiring to more habitable and sustainable biomes.

We ensure that the fundemental processes of a successful masterplan are adhered to. As a result our design projects ensure deliverable and flexible outcomes that are fully complient with existing land use planning systems. This is achieved whilst offering substantial revision to the role of existing urban and rural spaces as well as creating new and aspirational developments.

Our design product has helped shape unique and responsive solutions to neglected urban areas and new developments across the world. This approach can be viewed in the context of our successful schemes such as Sun Valley and Irwell River Park.

As experienced masteplanners our Spatial Masterplan Models provide:

  • 3D Massing
  • Spatial Connectivity
  • Pedestrian and Traffic Movement
  • Identifying Use of Space
  • Provision of Utilities and Services
  • Relationship of existing Social, Economic, Enviromental and Cultural elements of area with new Development
  • Outline of Soft and Hard landscapes
  • Community Engagement
  • Social, Economic, Enviromental and Cultural Regeneration of Neglected areas
  • Creating Future Consensus and Priorities for area
  • Increase Viability of Scheme
  • Attract Private Investment
  • Create Symbiotic Relationship between existing and new Developments
  • Co-ordinating activities and services for better provision and resources for Local Population
  • Maximising Green Infrastructure and Developments Relationship with Natural Environment
  • Brownfield Regeneration