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Urban Design

Studio Loci has a track record of delivering functional and inspiring spaces within the public realm with particular emphasis on creating ecologically sensitive designs.

Studio Loci understands the continuing pressure of population growth and inevitable expansion of town's and cities. With this comes a responsibility to reconsider typical design schemes, moving away from iconoclastic architecture and providing design solutions on a more human scale.

We take a holistic approach that fabricates the urban landscape in response to both human and environmental needs. This is realised through a number of key principles. These include connecting previously fractured social demographics, improving health and well being, protecting and enhancing environmental systems, establishing more efficient connectivity via innovative pedestrian, cycle and transport routes and sensitivity to the existing historical and cultural fabric of a neighbourhood.

As Urban Designers we provide, but are not limited to any of the following typologies:

  • Health and Well being
  • Density mapping
  • Urban Massing
  • Lighting Strategy and Design
  • Infrastructure and Transport solutions
  • Bio Retention and SUDs design
  • Climatic Design Response e.g. minimising Heat Island and Wind Sheer effect
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Green Walls
  • Urban Regeneration Strategies