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The human population faces a number of important challenges and choices in the coming decades in regard to how we live.

Our species for thousands of millennia has written an untenable history leading to a number of worrisome problems. Most recent of these is global warming. Via the use of fossil fuels, farming methods, and destruction of habitats the human race has contributed, if not solely, to the increase in global temperatures.

Consequently out of the six mass extinction events to have taken place through the earth's geological timeline, we as humans have caused and are currently living through the Anthropocene extinction event.

Converse to these issues, alarmingly little is being done to help reduce human impact on the environment. Responsibility lies with all, from governments to every individual.

As designers Studio loci like to think we have a small but vital role in slowly developing a more sustainable conscious and physical reality to inhabit, thus combating the environmental issues we face. Our prerogative is to create sustainable spaces that encourage renewable energy solutions wherever possible, are sensitive to hydrology and create a greater symbiosis between humans and nature.

Alongside environmental sustainability we also seek to provide human and social sustainability within the urban landscape. This is the provision of urban design that provides lasting well being and social connectivity for all inhabitants living within the given area of a scheme. Our prerogative is to create human scale designs that avoid 'environmental gentrification'.