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Hockleylands Garden, Woking, Surrey

The restoration and development of Hockleylands has been accomplished by the owner and Architect, Anthony Fielding, over a period of years.

The garden is a fusion of ideas drawing inspiration from formal Italian renaissance gardens, the picturesque 18th century English style and the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Our Landscape Architects were originally commissioned to design a memorial garden but later completed the detail design of the gardens to the east, west and south of the house.
Specimen yew and box topiary were imported from Europe to provide instant structure to the formal garden to the south. The planting reinforces a symmetrical path system laid out with metal edges, loose gravel or random Yorkstone.

The gardens to the west and east are more informal and provide areas for the swimming pool, herbaceous borders, herb garden and knot garden. Yorkstone and Yorkstone setts have been used for the paths and patios.

A fully automated irrigation system is installed to aid growth and establishment and reduce maintenance costs. The outer grounds are informal and picturesque with unrestricted views to oak woodland and undulating pastures. To maximise these views a ha-ha was constructed to the front the house; this is approximately 300 metres in length, retained by concrete and faced with dry stone walling.