Studio Loci, Landscape Architects, runnymede hotel and spa egham surrey

Runnymede Hotel and Spa, Egham, Surrey

Our Landscape Arhitects were commissioned by the Chorus Group and the Hotel owners (The Grove) to work on the landscape master plan and the hard and soft landscape details. The hotel was refurbished in 2009/2010 and the improvement of the external areas were an integral part of the clients rebranding of the 4 star hotel. The external areas were divided into distinctive zones all linked by a sinuous activity trail and footpath:

  • The low maintenance meadow and helicopter pad to the front.
  • The swimming pool and passive leisure area
  • The tennis courts and play area
  • The formal lawn/wedding lawn down to the edge of the River Thames
  • An attenuation pond for the SUD's system
  • The orchard
  • The woodland and activity trail
  • The footpath to the River Thames and the river quay.

The client wished to achieve a distinctive style which associated with the riverside location. Coppiced willows and cornus together with clipped hornbeam hedges formed the structure planting. Semi mature coppiced osiers (Salix Alba Chermesina or Vitellina Britzensis) and Birch varieties were the key trees. Reeds and sedges were planted in the wet areas. In the drier areas tall grasses evoked the informal 'reed bed' character. The boundary zones were designated low maintenance incorporating wildflower meadow and native planting.